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Thursday, May 24

Lost In Face

Dude, did you dig Jack's faux beard as munch as I did?

thought you did, so we assembled, at no extra charge, a salute to shitty, scruffy looking nerf-herdin' white-man beards that are doppelgängbangers to Jack's

George Clooney from Snoozyriana

PJ Carlesimo

Steve Carell from Little Miss Snoozeshine

Baba au Rum

aka Fletch F Fletch

John Lennon

Sam Waterston from The Killing Fields



The Lizard King

Harrison Ford

Rick Rubin

anyone who competes

@ the WB&MCs

China Hater Jack Bauer

Hillbilly Jim

or Hacksaw Jim Duggan for you youngins

Richie Tenenbaum

Charles Manson

GI Joe's Clutch

The Bee Bearded Lady

duhvs course

King Leonidjackass