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Monday, April 30

Songs In The Key of Honk

we'd like to amend what we said on Friday about a cappella. While Rockapella has totally cornered and rocked the sans instrumental accompaniment market, there's a new kid on the block that's probably gots them shizzin bricks outta their (b)asses: The Office's Andy Bernard, alias Ed Helms, who at Oberlin was a proud member of the a cappella group the Obertones. Andy/Ed has been a big reason why The Office is still on top of its game. And nuttin is butter than his renditions of some of the wurstest tunes around. If NBC Universal wanted to make a few extra bucks on the side, they may want to consider releasing Andy Bernard: Greatistest Hisses

tracks include

'Bennie and the Jets'
'Closer to Fine' [vid]
'Drift Away'

'Hot Hot Hot'
'The Lion Sleeps Tonight' [vid]
'Lovefool' [vid]
'Oompa Loompa Song' [vid]
'Rainbow Connection' [vid]
'Rockin' Robin' [vid]
'What Is Love' [vid]
'Your Body is a Wonderland'
'Zombie' [vid]

+ bonus hidden track: Yanni's 'The Unicorn Song'