Thighs Wide Shut Thighs Wide Shut

Thursday, April 5

Life Is Fragile
(pronounced Fra-geel-lay)

The Game Is Over
for the mos winningestist
Division 1-A College Foo-ball coach
of BALLS thyme
the dude who basically made this happen
Eddie Gay Robinson

1919 - 2007


It's A Wrap
for the director of

& one of the bestest eps of Amazing Stories
that co-stars The Goonies' Chunk


Benjamin 'Bob' Clark

1941 - 2007


the ABC dude who basically begat MNF goes off the air
the voice of the Minn Twins' goes silent
the last known WWI Navy vet gets lost at sea
a Nazi joins Hitler in that awful bunker in hell!
Mr Motor Trend/Hot Rod hits the junkyard
the world's biggest Coke-head goes flat
•Asia's richest bizatch goes belly-up
this Patriot ends his revolution
the Ruiz Foods king goes stale
& the author of Dog Day Aft & Close Encount o'da Terd Kind's quill aints gots no mo ink in it