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Friday, March 23

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Within the very first scene of Zodiac, we are not only introduced to the titular killer and his dirty work, but we are also reintroduced to David Fincher who's masterful talent has been sorely missed. His last film dropped in the '02, but Panic Room was a far cry from where he left off before that in the '99, with the beyond brills Fight Club. So I've basically been waitin and waitin for 8 long years for the director who I've worshiped above all the cool mid to late 90s directors (Tarantino, Boyle, Jonze, Singer, and yes, even Aronofsky) to deliver the goods. Zodiac not only fulfilled that Fincher bestness void, but also the void of fantab flicks to be released so far in the '07. While there's many moons and suns to go before Dec 31st, I still feel confident in naming it one of the best films of the year

Fincher has already shown that's he jason capel-able of making a thumcredible serial killer flick. I mean, once could argue that Se7en is even more engaing than Silence of the Lambs, but Zodiac isn't a serial killer movie. Sure, it's about a serial killer, but it's more of a spooky Unsolved Mysteriesish journalistic investigation, a neverending one at that since the killer was never caught, into the events that brought northern Cali to it's knees in the late 60s and early 70s. When I walked out of the theater I wanted to know every single in and out about the case (gawd bless I hadn't been so keen in seeking out the truth since Oliver Stone's JFK mesmerized me beyond belief when I was all of 14 years of age... if only Spike Lee's complete misfire Summer of Sam had worked the same magic

While I wished that Inland Empire's runtime was 3 minutes instead of 3 hours, I wouldn't have minded if Zodiac was 2 1/2+ days long instead of 2 1/2+ hours. Tits dat good folks. Welcome back Finchy. Never leave me hangin like that again or I'll have to throw all my love to the other Finchy for good!

Apt MPupil3: Donovan's beyond bananas bestness 'Hurdy Gurdy Man' [d] which will forever make me think of this film

Deja View: No, Zodiac aint the first time that Jake Gyllenhaal & John Carroll Lynch peered into each other's eyes. Hell, it aint even the second time! The two first appeared together as father and son in Bubble Boy, followed by The Good Girl, where JCL was JG's boss at the Retail Rodeo

Killer Looks: Zodiac Watches

John Grisham's Jizzum (aka Verdict): Breast In Show•

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Colour Me Kubrick

One of the sadest things a Thigh Master has to deal with on a day-to-day basis is the fact that there will never be another Stanley Kubrick film ever. Since his death and the release of this site's cousin Eyes Wide Shut in 1999, we've been slowly dying ourselves. So any time anything Kubrickianishesque gets released, it's naturally that we get a bit nutty. Luckily for me, these releases have all eased my pain. We totally JOed to the mishmash that was Spielberg's take on A.I., and we really dig-dug the not so revealing yet intriguing doc Stanley Kubrick: A Life In Pictures, by his bro-in-law Jan Harlan, and on the last go around, at the '06 Tribeca Film Fest, we went bananas for Colour Me Kubrick (in America, we leave out the 'u'). To quote ourselves, Colour Me is the loose fictionalization of conman Alan Conway's amazing mid 90s London exploits as a Kubrick impersonator that not only is hilarious, but is by far the mos humorous John Malkovich (who plays Conway) film to date. We gave it a rating of Breast In Show and will still stand by that. It's another one of these Magonlia Pic Day & Date Premiere thangies. Shiz opens in theaters and HDNet today, and will be available on DVD next week. Seek it out, like I seek out the truth about the Zodiac killah!

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