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Thursday, March 29

Pilot Inspektor

Have you all czeched out NBC's new lil Conan O'Brien created SLASH Andy Richter acted comedy Andy Barker PI? While I'm rusted rooting hard for the show about an 'aw shucks' accountant turned private dick to succeed, I really don't see that happening. It's funny, but it's too far from his or hersterical to have a future, hispecially since it's surrounded by such laff olympic medal winners like The Office AND 30 Rock. So I have a grand idear here folks... Conan O'B is boviously a genius when it comes to sitcom premises, so instead of putting all of his eggs into one basket and output one show that will have the shelf life of a quart of egg nog, I suggest he creates a show... case, ala The Twilight Zone or Alfred Hitchcock Presents, where each and every episode would feature a brand spankin new Conan O'B minted pilot. What, you don't think he's got it in him? Ever see his & Robert Smigel's beyond thumcredible never sold Lockwell pilot about a washed up TV detective actor (the BRILLS Adam West) who solves real life crimes? Well, it's a crime if you haven't...