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Wednesday, March 28

Damaged Goods

The Lookout
Blind, Def & Fun

If you asked me boint plank who my mos flavorite actor going these days be, I wouldn't flinch for a second as I rolled the hyphenated bestness of Joseph Gordon-Levitt off my tongue. I never cared for 3rd Rock or care to see Angels in the Outfield or 10 Things I Hate About Jews, but after takin in his (shoulda been Oscar nominated) explosive turn as a teen hustler in Mysterious Skin [ mini review] and his ace high school Sam Spade role in Brick [ review] I was all about the JG-L. Well, I'm schlappy to report that his latest, the Memento-lite Lookout, is right on par with those other two eye-opening films. The Lookout is nothing revolutionary, but the strong supporting cast (mainly I speak of JGF-L's blind BFF Jeff Daniels... who is slowly becoming a Thigh flavorite as well, hispecially after The Squid & The Whale) and solid script help make screenwriter Scott Frank(Out of Sight/Minority Report)'s directorial debut one to watch

Unsatisfied with this? Netflix another Alar Kivilo cinematographed joint like A Simple Plan [trailer]

Possible Porno Name: The Cock's Out

Apt MPupil3: BRMC's 'Shuffle Your Feet' [d] from their vastly underplayed Howl disc

IMDb Sweeney: Director Frank wrote the episode of the Wonder Years where Kevin endlessly wusses over calling hottie Lisa Berlini, juss one of a zillion Wonder Fappers

John Grisham's Jizzum (aka Verdict): Jeepers Worth A Peepers••

Rental Round Up(dog): Underseen Federico Diaz Edish

Harsh Times [Trailer]
& Havoc [Trailer]

•Although Joseph Gordon-Levitt co-stars in Havoc, documentarian Barbara Kopple's fictional look at stoopid SoCal wiggers... aka the flick where Anne Hathaway & Bijou Phil's boobs are abound, this space is not dedicated to him, but to Six Feet Under's Freddy Rodríguez, who's great work in that film and in Harsh Times, David Ayer's directorial debut that basically takes his Training Day script and replaces Denzel with Patrick Bateman, has gots to be recognized. It's unfortch that both of these films didn't make much of a splash upon their releases cause they're far superior showcases of his talents than the blah roles he was given in Bobby, Poseidon and Lady In The Water. But if for some reason, and I sure hope it doesn't, this acting bit doesn't work out he could always falls back on The Diaz Family Mortuary

until next thyme the balcony is clothed...