Thighs Wide Shut Thighs Wide Shut

Tuesday, February 20

Tobacco Road Scholar

North Cak-a-laka, I've returns
for your gherkins, some jerkin, and (I wish) Joanna Kerns

apparently nothing comes for free

even in this land of northern Dixie

for Big Ben's nuptials
everyone was on hand

Hofnads, E Tata, Mule-Her, Mc Ted
and flubvs course, Marv, my main man

anyone who's everyone knows
Bojangles aint no Popeyes

but after downin 16372 of dem yumcredible biscuit sangwiches
I'd allow it again and again to all go straight to my thighs

had me some shakes at the Steak
& the Cook Out that were mad fine

but at the end of the day I shall sing the praises of Cheerwine

the only thing that was a whisperin'

were dem smelly farts dat my a$$ was emittin'

all the NCers seem to be free from 'tude

which probably has nothing to do with why
their menus are as greasy as the food

while I'm not a huge fan of vinegar based BBQ sauce

this plate was heaven and I was a hog, Boss!