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Thursday, February 8

Not Another Teen Concert

Justin Timberlake
February 7th


I didn't kick, I didn't scream, but I was dragged to JT's FutureCrazySexyCoolThingamajigs tour stop at Madison Square Garden last night, where apparently there were so many bizatches and so few men that del ladies were allowed to use our bathroom... and there was STILL a line! And after all is daid and sone, I will never let myself be dragged to a show like this ever again. While I actually do enjoy the kid's latest album, cept for that unlistenable 'Sexyback' track (I still don't get how the rest of your pleabs loves it), everything that he played that wasn't on said album reminded me why I loathe 98% of the poop they pipe onto MTV. It was like watching a 2 hour half time show programmed by the people who choose the winners at the People's Choice Awards. It's not that the show wasn't entertaining (although I was easily distracted trying to figure out who 'Holzman' was and why the #613 was retired in his honor), but it's so far from my cup of tea. I'd rather be closer to a man tea bagging his nut sacks 5th ave into my mouth than drink from this white man's R&B bs brew. The kid can dance, but he can also dress like that d-bag in Not Another Teen Movie (see above if yer too dumb to dot all the 't's and cross all the 'i's). The mistress and I decided to beat the crowd and left before the show ended. Apparently we lost the berry rare opp to catch a live rendition of 'Dick In A Box', complete with Andy Samberg, Color Me Badd wardrobe, AND boxes [vid]. I never found that skit to be funny so I'm not too miffed about missing it. So if I can't groove to 'Sexyback' or laff at 'Dick In A Box', will the People ever Choice me for one of their prestigious Awards? If so, maybe I'll get all Sally Field and spray, 'You choice me, you really choice me!'