Thighs Wide Shut Thighs Wide Shut

Thursday, February 1

iColts Aint Mares
So We Fap To Bears!

•Mama Berenstain

Rebecca Cunningham

Borat's Bear Oksana

The Female Care Bears

(good luck fingering out which ones aint female)

Sunni & Grammi Gummi

Beach Bear &
Baby Bear Choo-Choo

Pammy Panda

Floral & Maw Rugg

Cindy Bear


Princess Paw Paw

Tessie Bear

Bessie Beary

Huggy Bear's Hookers

The Ultra Liz-ame Theme Song
from Kissyfur

Behrs/Bears Wit Crazy Hair!

Smokey The Bear's Hairy Lapdances

Ditka's Mustache Rides