Thighs Wide Shut Thighs Wide Shut

Tuesday, February 27

Hallelujah, Challah Back

Last noche we got our eyes and thighs on over to Southpaw to witness the disfitness that was the White Rapper's wrap party

As eggspected, there were more white people there than at a Jeff Foxworthy family reunion

Not as I eggspected, John Brown and his les ghetto revival lost the grand prize to $hamrock and his grill

As eggspected, my camera snapped the mos les ghetto pics since Brett Ratner's photobooth

Not as anyone eggspected, corn-row fuglyster G-Child outperformed sasstress Persia. The land mass now known as Iran was so effin whoreable that me and the mistress had to exit the venue before John Brown ever took to the stage

As bespectacled, MC Serch owned the night

If anyone truly was a winner from this show, it was him. Many forgot how effin best he was, and spanks to this semi-wack show, we will never make that mis-steak again. If only he still had that jewfro!

and as eggspected, I went home and JOed to the images on Misfit's myspace page