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Friday, February 2

Girl Loses Girl
Meets Boy
Meets Another Girl
Not So Meaty

Puccini for Beginners
Opera...tion Mediocre
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What's got two thumbs and couldn't really decide which way to point either of them after watching this movie? If you guessed me then yer biggest geniuseses since the creators of 'Gold Case'! Puccini for Beginners, the simple tale of a not so simple dumped on lesbian turned experimental bisexual, is purty much Kissing Jessica Stein with a far better cast (Weed's always thumbcredible Justin Kirk, (sadly) with clothes on Gretchen Mol, and unlikely, yet winning lead Elizabeth Reaser). While both of these films are quite charming and place an importance on being earnest, they're too much of a trifle to be considered required viewing. These kinds of movies are enjoyable to watch... if you happen to randomly watching Lifetime Television on a weekday afternoon... and also if they happen to star Tiffani (née Amber) Thiessen

Unsatisfied with this?: catch in theaters/Netflix Flannel Pajamas [Trailer & mo] which oddly enuff stars Puccini playas Cpt Kirk & Julianne Nicholson as lovers

Possible Porno Name: Poonanny For Beginners

Apt MPupil3: Blur's 'Girls & Boys' [d|vid]

Lets Be More Than Friends...ters!: Pucinni bit player and cutie patootie Bridget Moloney's Friendster page

John Grisham's Jizzum (aka Verdict): Sum Merit But No Stinkin Badges

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