Thighs Wide Shut Thighs Wide Shut

Monday, February 12

Face The Nation

Jon Scheyer gotta face that only his mother or Dukie V would love

Yes, Navi the Terrible Bowler, wees talkin bout that huge d-bag who plays for your beloved Duke Blue Devils who now have more of a chance of actually being guilty of raping women with a lax stick than winning an ACC game. While it may not be as creative as Shelden Williams' nerve toniced cranium, the Terps' fans once again prove that they're second to none when it comes to bein total pricks

and if yer new to the party, this Scheyer face thang has been FARKin outta control on the Terps boards since late last year. Here's the Hall of Fame in my mind

want mo? how bout the Klassic Koach K thangamabob from Fark or The Truth About Duke's photo gallery!