Thighs Wide Shut Thighs Wide Shut

Monday, January 22

Goodnight Sweetheart,
Well It's Time To Go

Peace The Fork Out
the Art of word
The Mamas & The Papas
& Pebbles's playmate

Arthur Buchwald
Dennis Gerrard Stephen Doherty
Scott Charles Bam Bam Bigelow

1925, 1940, & 1961 - 2007

PTFOs also go out to Kentucky Fried Movie's Dr. Klahn, Space Mountain's lead engineer, Swiftus/Brophy/Officer Levitt, Little Richard's bigger, the stogie smokin Dick that was Dandy, the midget Dan that waz really Daper, the girl who wasn't Bold or Beautiful, the Spaniel who wasn't a cocker but really a Pookie, sum ye olde Nordique bizatch, Peyton's inability to win the big game (even though he has one more big game left to win), & fresh headliners for Coachella '007

boo-nus coverage
Art Buchwald's final piece b4 forkin out
Space Mountain, with the lites on
The Bold & The Beautiful's '89 opening credits
Dr. Klahn's welcome from Fist Full of Yen
Three Men & A Ghost DEBUNKED!
•The Spaniels' 'Goodnight Sweetheart' [d]
•The Mamas & The Papas' 'I Saw Her Again' [d]

[5/15/06 postage]