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Monday, December 11

But These Go To Elevengen

we bid Peace The Fork The Outtings to everyone's mos flavorite RBI Baseball SS, a mustached art-theft expert, a Jeane who could getherasskicked, a chess grandmaster flasher, a dude who a lot of people hated, but not for his snappy dressing, and a belated one goes out to the Tengen peeps, who PTFOed in the '93

Cuthbert currently in NYC filming My Sassy Girl, and currently being hypnotized by clapboards

Dakota Fanning wants to direct more than she wants pubes

Sacha Baron Cohen Was a Male Model

•Michael Psenicska, 2006's Best Supporting Actor

David Lynch poo-poos the more Twin Peaks notion. Funny, cause word has it that his new movie is poo-poo

Rocky screenings galore, sadly it's not for Rocky I

the Bergdorf Goodman windows

How many hours of TV does a person watch in a lifetime?

where have I seen this layout before?

a History of Snowboarding in 2 minutes flat, like yer mum's chest [Bizzaro Lazzaro]

you can't spell Danni without 'in' or 'nad', but you can't with NSFW

Ghanian film posters [Cab Driver]

Tasty Crispy Silkworm

Walt Disney's The Story Of Menstruation, fo-five-reals!

Tefillin Barbie [The Thinker]

locate a cell phone anywhere in the world [The Eating Machine]

and how come Tron Guy hasn't thrown his latest male-camel toe creation up on his websight yet? [WTFOMGZ]