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Tuesday, December 5

Nice Try Lao Che

[Dunkin Pierce's Nutzz]

In our expanded Peace The Fork Outtings, we bid a boo to 1/2 of the Dasz of Haagen, a Truffaut bizatch, X-Men‘s man, a dude who loved safe air, BMW 507's daddy, the 1st San Diego Padre, a dump truck that once weighed 1,200 lbs, and although it's 7 years belated, I doubt any blizogger in the world ever paid respects to Roy Chiao, aka Lao Che from The Temple of Doom. In yer honor, we will pour a bit of our poison 40 oz on the ground. The Club Obi Wan hasn't been the same since u left... or since Kao Kan trashed it with his tommy gun

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great thighs think alike: this almost became a Photochop Friday entry until someone beat me to the donkey punch

great thighs think alike II: nice user id, jerka$$

yes, My Man Marvkus and myself are actually voting members for the Washington Post's Local Top 11 Hoops Poll. Liberty was robbed... and justice for none!

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'In case you're wondering, none of my parts touched any of its parts...'

[bid like there's no tomorrow]