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Monday, December 4

Being For The Benefit
of Everyone

The Beatles' Love
All You Need Is Love? Maybe. Maybe Not...
preview the 'bum

It's extremely hard to not like an album that has the Beatles' name plastered on its cover. Even though they haven't released a proper album since the Let It Be soundtrack in 1970, they certainly have had plenty of releases all worth owning. Some include the two Past Masters, the BBC Sessions, Let It Be... Naked, and of course the Anthology double disc sets, which prove that even outakes and throwaways by the Fap Fab Four are still magical mystery tours all their own. And now comes along the soundtrack to the highly popular Cirque du Soleil Vegas' show Love, which is based off of the Les of Beats' hefty catalog

I have not seen Soleil's moon frye/show, so I cannot vouch for it as a soundtrack. But as a Beatles' album, it's purty much a hybrid of the red (1962-1966) and blue (1967-1970) greatestist hits discs. But there is one big 'twist' that makes Love stand apart from it's predecessors: all dem songs are strewed together in a 2nd half of Abbey Road medley stizz. Mixed with great care by fifth Beatle/producer George Martin and his son Giles (he couldn't be any more British, unless his middle name was Nigel, snatch!), the results are enjoyable for expert textperts or even joking smokers. However, with the artistic license to ill from the surviving members and widows, the father-son duo could have pushed the envelope much much much further. Sure, some of the mash-up songs are down right thumcredible (give hispecial listenage to 'Drive My Car', which incorporates 'What You're Doing', 'The Word' AND the thrashin guitars of 'Taxman'), but apparently the Martins didn't pick up on what everyone else was going ga-ga over back in the '04: Danger Mouse's mousterpiece, The Grey Album. Had they let Brian Burton spin the wheels with Apple Corps' core goodies, who knows what thumbmazinness could have come about. While we willie ponder such fantasies of 'what if', I'm still happy to be in (to) Love

Cum Stock D-lode This: 'Being For The Benefit of Mr. Kite!/I Want You (She's So Heavy)/Helter Skelter' [d]

Unsatisfied with this?: go to any used CD store and purchase the Beatles' Anthology sets 2 & 3

John Grisham's Jizzum (aka Verdict): like this tee, I have reservations, but ultimately after listening to it non-stop for a week Breast In Show

until next thyme, the balcony is clothed...