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Wednesday, November 29

You Gotta Be KIDDing Me

DC's NBC bids a-boo to my girl Susan Kidd & Arch Campbell, aka the world's wurstest movie reviewer, juss a couple o weeks after forcin George Michael and his Sports Machine out da door. It actually went all downhill for GM back in the summer of '98 after I quit an internship with his Sports Machine after one day cause I was told I would be watching baseball games all summer long. They should try that form of torture down there in Guantanamo! Anywho, you all will be missed. Well, not all of you, but I don't think they shoulda lost their jobs they way they did... and if their jobby jobs aint safe is Mac McGarry's?

and I guess it's better to lose a job than yer life, so we give brief PTFOuts to the dude who sorta helped Edward Norton's career and Richard Gere's hair and the bizatch who basically paved the way for Alex DeLarge to have a song to sing while raping and pillaging

Lily Allen, cutie at large (no relation to Alex DeLarge)


Prices Is Right: THE Bouncing Boob Montage [Soriano's Lover]

Jack White, the OG Dane Cook


'I Done Soiled My Britches!' [Gulf of Tonkin]

Where Are They Now: The White Shadow

the real Fapino Royale [NSFW]

world's wurstest burglar since the Hamburglar [Jewanicur/Texas Dave]

Jonesing for Jones. I dare you to try to keep up with them all

Where does the expression 'Be there or be square' come from?

Stuff People Write On Money

Abandoned Shopping Carts

before Sacha Baron Cohen was the cause of Kiddd Rockk's ire he was a nobody/the host of some busted-arsed UK cable show called Pump TV. Peep a bit o' his stylin's here (at the beginning and then about 3:45 in)

and whatever you do, do NOTTTTT click this