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Monday, October 16

Nobody Bothers
Mies van der Rohe

Schlappy 25th annie verse airy to THE WAVE, which was supposedly invented by Krazy George & a bunch of Oakland A's fans, and snot supposedly by the UW [CBS Sun Morn]

many a belated piece the forkins like Jek Porkins to SmellyGBs, the battler of Algiers, the Buckster, the Lord, the dude who got to bang Jayne Mansfield, and Mr Tequila! [d & the Pee Wee dance]

Roger Ebert answers the not so age olde question: what the fcuk is the deal wit Roger Ebert? [The Vegan]

The V Mini Series sequel needs $19 million dollars. If we find 19 million V fans with a dollar a piece, THE BEASTMASTER WILL BE ABLE TO FEED HIS FAMILY!!

Eric Stoltz is was Marty McFly: THE PICTURES [Navi The Terrible Bowler]

the video for David 'The Hoff' Hasselhoff's 'Jump In My Car' co-starring KITT

the world's largest collection of SFW Annie Potts Harry Crumb JO matz

EW makes my wet dreams cum tru by throwin Borat on their cover and droppin a pointless article about Pam Beasley, which include these two fine snappages [LJ-TO]

wishlist for my Nov 7th b-day: ChloEdgarL - the tee (XL peas), TO's Little T Learns To Share, the George Foreman USB iGrill, plenty o Gay X-Rated Cakes [NSFW] & Uncle Owen and Aunt Beru, the special edition action figures

Iggy Pop's concert rider, plastic seahorses need not apply

George Steinbrenner Fires Tigers

Why is coffee commonly referred to as a 'cup of joe'?

Top 10 Weird Al Videos [Hisconsin]

free passes to Stoopid Cartoon: The Movie and Will Ferrell's Adaptation

CoolPl8z, thatmakeme6

Font Designers

'I Learned It By Watching You!' and yer Jim Crocheesed arsed mustache!!

watermelon special fruitcarving site

Dagen då larverna kom till Flogsta

Clark Sorensen's Urinal Sculptures

and n'awlins saints be praised, cause the internets has come thru again! The Most/Best - Ghetto/Ass - crazy/beautiful - Local Commercial Ever, featuring two two children who cannot be bothered, that I've searched high and low and Hi & Lois' pants for has FRYNALLY been unearthed, ironically enuff by the very institute who created the commercial: Jhoon Rhee's school of Tae Kwon Do. This may not mass appeal to those not from the DC area, but I think you'll enjoy it nonethebreast

pee es - we are proud to be the #1 result when intersleuthing for 'bench mark brunell'. Hopefully that's Daniel Snyder doin that sleuthin cause maybe he'll do juss that before Sunday's game in Indy, where I will be on hand job root rootin for my boys, regardless of how stank a$$ they truly is