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Tuesday, October 10

The Finestest Addition
To Mankind Since
The Ice Cream Glove

Borat: Cultural Learnings of America for Make Benefit Glorious Nation of Kazakhstan
Anything Released By Bagatov Films
Is Juss As Exggsplosvice As A Molotov Cocktail


While it's too darn early to declare it (B:CLoAfMBGNoK) the funniest movie of balls thyme, I will not rule out that pastability entirely. In the meanwhile, while we d'bate and m'bate that matter, I can safely declare B:CLoAfMBGNoK the funniest movie of this year, last year, and every year since 1998, when the The Big Lebowski was dropped on an unsuckspecting werld (all dough much respeck to Wes Anderson pics, Nap Dyna, Kung Pow!, and a slew of others me not remembering at the moment). I wasn't even that taken (not in a Steven Spielberg produced kinda way) aback after my first theater viewing of Lebowski, but 6 years on, I was not only quothing the raven and the lines in my sleep, but attending the 3rd festival in its honor

So what does it all mean? The great comedies all require multiple screenings. The first is to get past the hype and eggspectations and to let out the biggie-sized guffaws. The second is discover new bits you missed the first time and to let the film as a whole secure tits place in to yer pop-rocked psyche. And by the third and every subsequent viewing thereafter, it's memorization and regurgitating time, so later you can 'impress' yer fellow screening cronies with how much you love the movie, until you find another movie (not starring Vince Vaughn) to take its place

Well, like I said, B:CLoAfMBGNoK is certified Drew Brees' knees redonk(e kong jr math) bestness, but I don't even think I have yet to fully appreciate its genius that is more real than Chris Knight, Mitch Taylor (aka Horseface), and Lazlo Hollyfeld combined. Imagine if Jackass had a plot, was leader ringed by Mahir, and was as socially relevant as say, Jesus Camp [TWS' take], and you can maybe begin to grasp the magnitude of magnificence that is B:CLoAfMBGNoK. My record for seeing a film in theaters is 7, wit Pulp Fiction, but like all records, they must be played on record players they were meant to be broken

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Apt MPupil3: The Borat Theme Song [d] which is more widely known as 'Korobeiniki' [d] or 'The Pedlars', and to you and me, 'Music A' from the Game Boy version of Tetris [midi]

Deleted Scene But Not Heard: Borat, a supermarket, and a sheetlode of cheese

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