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Wednesday, October 11

Did You Ever Know
That You're My Hiro?

Lily Allen
Hiro Ballroom
October 10th
(North American debut was in Toronto)

Awfully short, but awfully sweet, which not only describes Lily Allen as a human being, but also her 8 song 30-minuted set complete with a horn section that was more of a showcase than a concert, considerin her album doesn't even drop here until early '07. But what do I care about runtimes when seeing her in the flesh and hearing her rock harder than John Tesh is a great honor all tits own. We've been gushing over the sassy songstress since late April (first we JOed to her myspace bkgrnd and then discovered the girl hactually had chops worth porking), hell, she wouldn't even have a career on this side of the pond without us, and so it was with great pleasure that her liveynessness master blastered our eggspectations. This girl's got something special. Even more special than Corky's band, for she's no flash in the pan, although she did flash her pancake titties ages ago (i tried to find a link for em, but methinks they've been wiped off the internets for good)

Nan, You're A Window Shopper
Shame For You
Knock 'Em Out
Littlest Things
Friday Night

+Brooklyn Vegan, would eat her meat
+Ms Mod, sounds a lot like me, cept not really buying into the hype
+supposedly in attendance: Alex Kapranos, Eleanor Friedberger, and Mark Cobrasnake
+recent Lily madness