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Monday, October 2

The Count of
Christo's Monte Hall

Sloppy 20th my dearest and mos current Her Royal Thighness

[my flav pics of her here]

and a belated bustday to the hottiest 42 year old, Monica Bellucci, who never met a droplet of water her body didn't like [links NSFW]

OK, so the Skins are winning again, but I'd hardly say that it has tanytang to do wit Mark Brunell and his infamous 6-yard passes. If Santana Moss didn't have all the right moves like Stefen Djordjevic, the Jag-offs woulda won by 15. And I'm sure u saw the end highlights of the Colts/Jets game, but here it is again for those who are ig-nint

Overjoyed Saints Fans Tear Roof Off Reopened Superdome

honestly, don't even bother with the film United 93, unless yer easily captivated by an hours worth of air traffic control recreation scenes. I saw the Discovery Channel's The Flight That Fought Back a year ago, which is basically the eggzact same thang, but since Flight has interviews with the family of the deceased, tits miles davis away the better of the two

outside of the Pacino-Wells Fargo bit and the Tina Fey-less news (twas about effin time), the SNL season pre-shmear blew John Stossel's mustachioed balls. How fitting then that it was hosted by the unfunny funnyman Dane Cook, whose Tourgasm show was the least worthwhile series ever to air on HBO -- Arli$$ included [Gulf of Sonkin]

the little dream I dreamt has come true: the return of the Coreys! And yes, Corey Haim's looks could kill you

you decide what's scarier: the Screech sex-tape or the Jessie Spano 'So Eggcited' montage

the ADL, continuing to be the more embarrassing to Jews than Brett Ratner or the 'midget twin' d'bags whom everyone loves

unless Kristin Cavallari shows off her 'hair pie', the Revenge of the Nerds remake is destined to be only a IVth good as Revenge of the Nerds IV: Nerds in Love

so how comes Die Hard 4: Live Free or Die Hard [set photos] aint being shot in New Hampshire (the state's motto, minus the hard)? Are they afraid of the ghost of the Old Man of the mountain?

first rule of The OC season 4: you do not talk about Fight Club!

you could be the designer of the 2010 Olympic mascot, I mean, if you handed in a Post-It note with stick figures, it would still be seen as a vast improvement over Athena and Phevos

remember Little Mr Sunshine? There's even mo fo yo!

and does anyone remember the REAL Little Miss Sunshine? Hopefully Roger Hargreaves is makin some sick royalty monies from that mediocre movie

Closed Captioned for the boviously impaired

What was the first thing ever sold on eBay?

your typical NFL long snapper's weekday

werld's bestest no-hotlinking allowed message

Mr. Rogers meets Donkey Kong

the Mindy Kaling (The Office's Spicy Curry award winner) Livejournal Community

w/o the handy Shakespeare Searched, I woulda had no idea that 'flazzum' or 'thrizz' did not appear in any of his werks

Top 10 Worst Portrayals of Technology in Film [Jew Wanna Cure?]

The 25 Worst Web Sites

Stars Caught In The Rain

Trekkie Paradise

Mascot Stalker [YBNBY]

Bad Idea Jeans, tatts edish [NSFW Wednesday Addams on the 2nd one]

9 months of gestation in 20 seconds

and, the day that high brow purrfectly met wit low brow...

[The Menace]