Thighs Wide Shut Thighs Wide Shut

Tuesday, September 26

Zero Degrees of
Separation Anxiety

No wonder they air this against Monday Night Football, cause what guy in his right mind would watch this? I think Sunset 60 Studio on the Gaza Strip Steak would be a hellauva snot butter if it had strippers or Andy Rooney or Jeremy Sisto or a red-coated Tony Kornheiser or Big Tuna or covers of 'Little Boxes' or if they threw 22 three-yard passes in a row against a defense that had the consistency of balsa wood covered in swiss cheese

pee es - gawd bless my DVR cause somehow I was able to ingest the following all in one evening: 60 Minutes, CBS Sunday Morning, PTI, Weeds, Ebert & Roep-dawg, Kidnapped, 2 eps of Sunset Shit, 1/2 of Monday Night Football, and about 10 minutes of Stuart Scott shucking/jiving (which is the new crazy/beautiful) before I vom-ed all over myself