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Friday, September 22

Spike Jonze'n 4 Mo

Jackass: Number Two
School of Hard Knoxville: Repeating Freshman Year

The eggspectations are riding high with this second dose of dumbed-downed bestness, and the boys sure do not disappoint. What they don't really do is bring anything bigger or better to the table than what we've already had shoved down our eyeholes in version 1.0. The only advancement the fellas throw up on the screen are the amount of guest stars (Three 6 Mafia, Dolphins DE Jason Taylor, Luke Wilson, etc) they could round up. And all that really does is reinforce how cool they are. Thought we already knew that. I'm sure the budget was a wee (man) bit bigger, but it seems they spent it all on their lil show stoppin numba at the end. I mean, at this point, we the people eggspect feet being sawed off or at least a trip to space for Steve-0 so he can beat off with moon rocks, but all we are served is juss more of the same. Maybe I'm a lil too desensitized to shocking things cause I used to work at a Japanese animated porn factory, but c'mon boys, try to at least wow us beyond belief. Now, I'm not complaining folks, cause I think they should release a Jackass movie every year, but I always eggspect the breast, every time I sit in a theater, even if it's Step Up that I'm taking in, and Number 2 is not the breast. Anywho, u all will love it and should go see it NOW. Juss beware of the sketch involving a horse and its love juice. It sent a father and his son packing from the screening. And what was me personal flavorite bit? The 'Switcheroo' involving the Margera parental units

Unsatisfied with this?: DVR like the wind Spike TV's mos brills import MXC

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