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Monday, September 18

The Great Gig In The Sky

Roger Waters
Jones Beach
September 15th

Wheneth I was a child I had a fever, my beloved brother and sister reared me on the classics of rock, and yes, they did it less annoyingly than Jack Black would've. Although I never fell for the Dead like they did, even though our family did rock the world's dopest station wagon adorned with 100+ bumper stickers and a Steal Your Face hood that screamed to cops 'PULL ME OVER!', they did get me crazily hooked on the Floyd of Pink. Hell, my parents aint no crazy music lovers (they only buy CD soundtracks from movies), but after hearing about how they stumbled upon a floating Floyd show in the canals of Venice, I certainly wished that I was there. So it had always been a dream of mine to see the boys live and in the flesh. Howevs, after years and years of legal battles between the current touring and recording group known as Pink Floyd and the man, the myth, the legend, Roger Waters, I was really confused as to who or what Pink Floyd drooly is. After a lotta tossin and turnin, I finally took a side: Watersz'. I mean, the dude's fingeprints are purty much all over the greatest double disc (& one of my flavs) of balls thyme, and which in turn, begat the single greatistest rock movie mt everest (much respek to the Who's Tommy), The Wall.

That's why it was an easy choice to czech out Waters' tour over David Gilmour's, and hell, over the David Gilmour Girls' tas well. And boy oh chef boyardee did I make the right decision, cause jolly Roger sure rocked the effin hizouse/ampy-theater the other night, even with his faux David Gilmour in tow. While I woulda rather he played The Wall in its entirety instead of Dark Side of the Moon, I aint gonna complain, even though that's what I do best, besides JOing to Chris Isaak. For 2+ hours I got my juss desserts ('Vera'/'Bring The Boys Back Home' live was off the coat AND meat rack) and then some (like seeing 50 year olds smoke more ganj than I). Bonestly, I bet Waters puts on the breastest show that an old fogie of his gen could possibly put on (even if that fogie looks a lot like Richard Gere). Can the same really be said of the Rolling Stones or Dylan? Me donts think so.

There was one par-dick-u-lust-lee franztatsic moment that I will take with me ingrained in my brain to the grave: the release of the infamous inflatable pig during 'Sheep'. Ya see, at the MSG show the other nite, I bet the pig probably floated to the roof and later was brought back down, but at Jones Biatch, shiz is outdoors, so the pig kept goin up and up and up, til wees couldn't sees its no mo. I first thought of The Simpsons (you figure out the two pig refs I'm thinking of), and then my thoughts turned to its eventual return to mother earth. Imagine yer sittin at home and the all of the sudden a giant plastic bacon thing lands on yer house. In this day in age, you wouldn't think that it hailed from a rock concert, but more like an Al Qaeda rally.

The show left me with one nagging question. It was totally boss for Gilmour and Waters to reunite for Live 8 and all, but why not take that show on the road? Shiz would make more money than Mark Cuban selling cuban sangwhiches. But I guess I shouldn't even bother asking dat question when I already know the answer: when pigs fly!