Thighs Wide Shut Thighs Wide Shut

Monday, September 25

George Wentworth
It's Doug Weight
In Goaaaaaaal!

Besides my fear of William Fichtner's ninehead, why aint I watching Prison Break again?

and why isn't Holly Valance in everything?

belated Peace the Forkinin's to Ann Richards, Sven Nykvist & Murphy Brown's barkeep

Hot Chicks with Douchebags: I went to college with those twins 'bags edish [Shady Harrison]

The April photo from Wilford Brimley's Children Heart Oatmeal calendar

The Encyclopedia of Lesbian Movie Scenes [NSFGayMen]

In My Arms

one marsh worth gettin sticky with [NSFW via SS]

How did 'knock-knock' jokes get started?

What's up with vacuum cleaner wounds to the penis?

The Top Ten College Pranks of All Time

free passes to The R Lee Ermey Massacres A Franchise Pt II

Hall of the World's Ugliest Corvette.

Where Babies Come From in Germany [Mustard King of Cleveland]

sorry can't help you there: leslie ann warren likes black cock & Buju Wonton

and Tremors II meets Jane Fonda...