Thighs Wide Shut Thighs Wide Shut

Friday, September 29

28 Days Slater


why you? cause ewes and only yous and yer deep pockets can turn yer dearest Thigh Master into the next Zach Slow:

[bid away vias con Roachclipo]

yeah, you remember Lily Allen dearest, write? well yer mumble narrator, who practically made her a star, still throb hearts her like mad. and while we'll be czechin her shiz up and down at her first US stop, Rocktober 10th at the Hiro, we'd still like to take her on a blinged out date complete with 18 inch salami slaps to the face! and while you empty your wallets, I'm stealing Andy Roddick's mojo circa '05 and rizockin out to my flav LA tune of the momes: 'Friday Night' [duhvs course!]

title jacked from Team Tiger Awesome

special spanks to SPax-man for the pun brain and barn storming