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Wednesday, August 16

Kirb Your Enthusiasm

Peace Le Fork Out

Bruno Giovanni Quidaciolu Kirby, Jr

1949 - 2006

it seemed like he was in every other movie, but looking at his purty darn thin resumé, I think I've combined his oeuvre with Joe Pesci's (who will appear in De Niro's The Good Shepherd, his first movie in 8 YEARS!!!). It's a cryin shame he didn't get more roles, cause the BK was the home of whopping lil performances (his work as uptight Lieutenant Steven Hauk in Good Morning, Vietnam still stands out, at least in my hazy mind). Tis a double shame that he and Pesci never got to pair up on-screen, as one fan had hoped. But that shiz is kinda richard petty when you think about having to bury your own child, as his acting father Bruce (the convenient store owner in Stand By Me) will have to. Father & son have actually appeared in two of the same TV movies, '74's Columbo: By Dawn's Early Light and '88's Frank Nitti: The Enforcer. As we close the book on Bruno's life, one question remains: why on earth was he excommunicated from the City Slicker realm? DAMN YOU JON LOVITZ!!!

not relay titted: FREE LB!!!