Thighs Wide Shut Thighs Wide Shut

Wednesday, July 19


Pat O'Brien madness muss never die
and we here at Thighs will make sure that it doesn't
cause wees the Knights of the Grail

and our Grail is dem voice mails [wma]
(+ our world's finestestist remix [d]
that shoulda been bigger than JibJab
but the world sucks
and turned it's back on genius)

there are many great mysteries in our universe
like which came first
the McNugget or the Egg McMuffin
but none is more important to us
than the identity of Patty O's lady 'Betsy'
as in
'Betsy's so jealous' & snatch,
'watch you and Betsy eat each other'

so, it gives me great pleasure
to introduce 2 u the woman who gives POB great pleasure...
Betsy Stephens
and her blizog

look at me and say yes!!!!

and look at Pat's Betsy Blog intro

and keep looking at her site
cause u never know what u may find

bi the gay, according to her Blogger Profile
one of her flavorite bands is 'Narles Barkley'

mucho spanks to my Hal Holbrook, DeepThrizz