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Tuesday, June 13

Anyone For Tennis Hummus?

Only Human
aka Seres Queridos
Love Is A Border Field
Trailer [that u shouldn’t watch]
Released in NY this Friday and elsewhere elsewhen

I guess this movie answers the not so age old question as to what happens when a nice Jewish girl brings her steady Palestinian b-friend home to meet the family. And the answer? Hilarity, by way of ensuing. Sure, I may be biased, cause I heart Jews more than Hebrew National, but you didn't have to be Greek to dig the Fat Wedding (it's the wurstest movie ever, but the Father + Windex bit gets me every time). And the catch, it takes place in SPAIN! Proving that wherever Jewish families live, neurosis is abound. And whatta family, with the atypical yachneh Jewish mother, recently Kosherfied younger brother, whorish belly-dancing sister with a precious kid of her own, and to top it off, the blind grandfather, who's not afraid to cop a feel-around. But where's abba (that's 'father' in Hebrew, not AgnethaBjörnBennyAnni-Frid)? Oh, him? Well looks like our Palestinian guest, when trying to defrost some soup that juss so happened to slip outta the window, may or may not have killed papa! YOWZERS!! You can't even imagine where it goes from there, but remember hillarity will ensue!!

Sure, my take on modern comedies may not be like yours (sorry, but Wedding Crashers AND 40-Year Old Virgin aren't really that funny, you juss think they were cause yer only other choice at the theaters was White Chicks), but I'm sooo sick of cheap and easy (not counting how I like my women). We need more thoughtful and smart lil comedies like this mos fantabulous one that CHALLAH BACK to the good ole days!!!

Recommended for those who like: stock images that come with computers, pregnant 5 year-olds, and those who don't roll on Shabbos

Possible Porno Name: Boning Hume Cronyn

Unsatisfied with this? Netflix the Jewish/Gentile masterpiece The Frisco Kid [trailer] or the indie film with every indie star ever (sans Lili Taylor), The Daytrippers [trailer]

Apt MPupil3: file under DUHVS, '(I'm Only) Human' by The Human League [d]

IMDb Sweeney: not much fun to be found on the Db, but if yer looking for Guillermo Toledo, you have two choices in the northwestern Ohio area

John Grisham's Jizzum (aka Verdict): Breast In Show

until next time, the balcony is clothed...