Thighs Wide Shut Thighs Wide Shut

Tuesday, March 21

Oveur Under On How Many
More Days This .Org Eggsists?

Captain Oveur: You ever seen a grown man naked?

Thigh Master: Ever seen Rossie Harris/lil Joey as a grown man?


A Leprechaun In Alabama?
[B-day Boy My Man Marvkus]

Sasha Cohen to give up nude camel toe figure skating to pursue an acting career???? LOOK OUT Sacha Baron Cohen and Shahar Cohen, AND every other Jewish and non-Jewish Cohen in the bidness!!

CC, HFRT the IV, the new face of Walkers Crisps? WOWie!! I can now save time by sticking my fingers into juss one bag for two great tastes!

Thinks TO had 6 generic raps ready to go before he signed on with the Cowgirls? CHEDDAR!!!

Belates Peace the Fork out to the dude who had the job that many wanted to have the opposite of: dress Jackie O

The latest trailer to utilize Requiem For A Dream's 'Lux Aeterna' [d-lode]? The latest trailer for da Da Vinci Code... although anyone who's anyone's one any knows it was bestest used in the Two Towers full trailer... the defenses have to hold... THEY WILL HOLD!!!!

Gorillaz stain-glass windows... sure to make many stain their sheets. Snot enuff? Try their 'El Manana' video on for slize

Got 135 minutes to kill at work or a mockingbird? Stanley Kubrick A Life In Pictures, in 3 YouTube parts [Pakula Shaker Hts Ohio]

Keane drop details on their new album how many scripts in Hollywood are written: on one piece of paper

Jeopardy! contestant search meets the internets

Errol Morris commercials, sadly, none with Morris the Cat

Questions, and not many answers from the geniussesess behind Wonder Showzen

The 2nd best bit (excluding all Frank Layden madness) from Dazzling Dunks and Basketball Bloopers: The Basketball Olympics

Dozen Distinctive Destinations

Take The Snooze AND American Dreamzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz passes

Speaking of zzzzzzz and all thangs Orlando Bloom/Kate Bosworth: How did the letter 'Z' become associated with sleeping?

Colleen Camp's SFW boobs from Clue, times 48

pontiac fiero mounted on boston whaler with 40 hp motr


'When a girl has a heart of stone, there's only one way to melt it. Just add Ice.' [Ceffle Corn]

We all love a good BRAD PITT matchup, but I'm hoping for a BRAD vs GEORGE (Mason? Town?) finale, which will determine once and for all, who's name gets top billing in Ocean's 18. Note to readers: please kill me if there's a 14.

Pot Tarts, Puff-A-Mint Patties and a Toka-Cola [RityCag]

Northwest Bench from Twin Peaks [Guns n Rosenthal]

CAMILLA SJOBERG, the new NSFW smorgasbord everyone wants to take a bite of?

Laurence Hutton Collection of Life and Death Masks

Proud to be yer #1 intersluething result for 'Edgar Stiles wallpaper'

The Wonderful World of '80s Commercials

the $39 Experiment


So when's they coming out with a Jennifer Ellison Swatch crotch watch?

Wonder what Parker Lewis would say to that Swatchtastic idear