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Monday, March 13

Insert Penis Joke Here

Wonder if her on-screen beau/soul man, C Thomas Howell, picked up any crotch-mouthed goatee grooming tips from Desperate Housewives' crotch-mouthed goatee resident Carlos

Blessed be you Daniel Snyder, the new King of the Jews, and your King of the Jews money that you shoot out of your hands, like Spiderman, and mcgrab anyone you want for your fantasy squad/my Redskins. May the gadget plays be with us... and as well, which ranks 2nd in 'gadget play' intersleuthing

Poopied be you Twerps, who blow worser than a 36 minute Andy Warhol movie. Is it football season yet?

Bye bye Boom Boom, for without he, there would be no (non-musical) Hanson brothers, + a mucho belated parking of the life of shaftman Gordon Parks

Jon Stewart, the next Andy Rooney? Dan Rather not or so?

Quite amazed that only 30ish seconds were dedicated to characters watching movies and/or television on last night's season premmy of The Sopranos, and cause of it, I've got opto-mizzum for whats to come... although going fwd, I hope we see less of Maradona's cocksmoking doppleganger. As for that new show that followed it... Zzzzzzzzzzzzzzz fest to the mth degree!!! Sorry, but not even Jeanne Trippletits [NSFW] can save it, or even if they had this girl with three boobies [NSFW]. All-dough they do get + 1 gold stars for having Nap Dyna's Deb working at a place called Deb's

Yous a male and have a bunch of brothers? Yer most likely gay, and therefore will probably have a great shot at creating an insanely popular blog

Czech accountant, Jana Tylova, becomethes the first ever Countess Soduku at the WSPC. CZECH out JT with the rest of her country's squad...

Don't know who'll be driving, but I'm ready to let the good times roll again [Spork Stealer]

How do u take your NSFW d'Abo? Maryam or Olivia?

Speaking of... He May Be A Demented, Twisted, Compulsively Masturbating Shitbag, But He's Our Demented, Twisted, Compulsively Masturbating Shitbag

Top Ten Worst SNL Cast Members of All Time [MogillaMask]

If you only look at one pictorial review of The Hills Have Eyes, make it this one

Ugly Duke girls try to dispel ugly Duke girl myth [Gulf of Sonkin]

Where video games go when they die [Lief Ericsson's Posse]

Whose Boobs (Strikes Back) Part 2

Something for the lizadies: lots of wet men, by way of Rammstein's latest video [NSFW]


The Albino Code, starring everyone's other favorite albino

Past Champions from the World Livestock Auctioneer C'ships

Juicy Fruit ads will never be dullski with Mr Z de la Roachclip's dang right copy

Fity more of these and we may juss achieve peace in the Middle East: a 12 foot plate of hummus [Lil Red Honey Rider's Hood]

Fity bottles of these and I may actually get laid: Whiff, the poop odor eliminator

'Forever Young' - Alphaville [d-lode]

On The Menu Today: Horse Penis And Testicles With A Chilli Dip [L-ism]

'God came down from Heaven and made people quote Fletch'

How To Make A Duct Tape Wallet

paintmeblue's photos

CILF (it's like MILF, but with corn!) [BVSC]

How do you says I want to de-core your apple in Russian? [NSFW]

Hoth to host the the Winter Olympics in 2014? that's what all those probe droids were really doing, scouting for giant slalom and super-g locales! [1st site soundy vis World Wide Wangsta]

And if there really is a Gawd, then HE'll never let our mos flavorite Druish America Princess, Sasha Cohen, and her nude naked camel toe, crossbreed with any of the following (bruce) suitors

[via Baroness SC]

Bonus: snapples from LA's Lebowski Fest, including one with Edie McClurg on washboard!