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Thursday, March 16

Erin Go Braghkovich

Dr yeppers, that's me, 5th gradin' Thigh Mizzle, dressed to the nines in green (my mos flav color), all for the honor of some dude that has nothing to do with Judaism, St Patrick. Now you may be askin, why would the coolest, mos spastic kid at College Gardens Elem give his beloved mumsy carte blanche when dressing him that day? Well, if you won best male St Patty's outfit outta all yer peers and got a chance to leave class for a free ice cream treat of your choice, I bet you'd do it too! I didn't win bestest male overall, and maybe I should count my lucky Ringo Starr albums for that. For this is what happened to the lil boy who was king of green for the day [NSFW].

Alas, I was always dreaming the Irish dream: drinking all day and bombing all night, and waking up each and every morning to the smell of Irish Spring and the taste of Lucky Charms. Now I finally get to turn that dream into a reality as I ship off for a qwikie tweakend to the Emerald Isle, avec p'rents. And spank the good lord I is, cause ever since I returned from my study some broads programme in London, back in the '98, I declared a personal jihad (the new/old 'personal jesus') against that nasty-arsed watered-downed American version of Guinness (don't even bother convincevaughnning me otherwise cause beer in the US and A blows broken snowblowers). I think me mouth may hexplode when I lock sips with that motor oil from its point of origin. They say you can't go home again, and that if you lived here you'd already be home, and that dirty vaginas often smell like tunafish, but, er, uh, what was I saying? I dunno, have great weekend kids, and here's some Irish crap for you to fap all over.

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and blast, but not yeast...

Len Bias, the greatest Celtic that never waz [vid 1 | vid 2]