Thighs Wide Shut Thighs Wide Shut

Friday, February 3

Til The Breakadawn

and the poster THEY didn't want you to see for last nite's hepisode

Kornheiser in '08

South Carolina (and their Muslim flag) 4EVA: first Nancy O'Dell Day and now they've declared that it is not indecent exposure when breast-feeding in public!!

Pastrami Burger, yes please, I'll take 14

And while the rest of yous are sucking the dong of the Steelers Super Nerd Sunday XL, I'm pulling for the city who've never won a Supers Bowls, let alone been to one Super Camilla Parker Bros Bowles. GO SEACOCKS!!! KA-KAAAAAH!!! I mean, if the Redskins can't beat em, no one can.

And oh yeah