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Wednesday, January 4

Out: Mike Ditka
Steve Ditko

Sadly, there won't be many sirprizes during this year's pay-offs... considering the the Bengals are still the Bungles, Da Bears [YTMND] have no O or Shuffle [video] or DITKA [YTMND] or his Grabowski [Grabowski], and cause the real Super Bowl is also known as the AFC Championship: Pats vs Colts!!!

but when I smoke a lot of crack from my Native American peacepipe, and get smacked in the mug by Clinton Portis' mum the pay-offs start to look a lil bit mo like this

Since everyone knows the Skins ares gonna winning 3 road games and then the big one in the D vs les Colts, lets look ahead to next year's sorta schedule... Skins 9-7 17-0 (we're totally gonna kick bye week's a$$!!!!)


+ honored to be one of Skeeter's 'top frings to look forward to in '06'!

+ we is amored in France! And I amor France too, hispecially their crossian'wiches and Ludivine Sagnier's forever nekkid body [NSForAmericaCauseWeBLOWunlikeFRANCE]

+ DreamWorks' Dreamgirls sure to be the wurstest 'dream'-related thingie since Brian Benben in Dream On

+ Funny Farm is ripe for remaking! Juss don't tell Mr. Lamb Fries!

+ How much of all Internet traffic is pornography?

+ Top 20 Nude Scenes of 2005 [NSFWness via Sex Boat Boys]

+ Go WAYBACK in the world of THIGHS

+ Peabs kissing his arm whilst wearing a WrestleMania II shirt!! [via WhereforartthouEVS?]

+ The girl/thighness who's more adorablerer than early 90s Winona Ryder and everyone's minor JW crush from around the same time period, Joanne Klaar

+ wit all this foo-ball blather, I figure I toss a lil sum tang for all the bizatches and cocksmokers out there...