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Tuesday, January 31


Ocean's 3
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I was a bit weary of the thing that was Bubble, considering the last trip down no-budget lane for Steven Nederbergh resulted in the Cop & a 1/2 poop & a 1/2 fest known as Full Frontal, + it's the first movie mt EVERest to be released simultaneously in theaters, on DVD, and cable (I watched it on HDNet), which could be beginning of the end of FUN in theaters as we know it!! But kids, this is, CANS DOWN, not only the finest movie of this young year (hispecially if yer a Chinaman), but Nederbergh's Soderbergh's best of his career!! Dr YEPPERS!!!! But peas take what I say with a grain of Willie Gault, considering I think every single thang he's done is either highly overrated, overrated, or overrated, yet enjoyable (see: Erin Boobonovich). But seriously peepoles, this lil gem of a film filled with more non-actors than 41 years of Days of Our Lives is the kind of movie Nerdie should be making each time out, not My Celebrity Pals Zzzzzz: The Movie XIXVLMCXXI!! If I were Gawd, in which I am, I'd force Gus van Sant and Nederbergh to swap styles. Gus Gus would only make big budget fiascos (think bestness like his To Die For) and Nerdy Boy would only make lil artsy fartsy thangs like this!! Come to spunk of it, Bubble is a Gus van Sant movie, cept you don't wanna slit your wrists after watching it waking up after the credits. KUDOS SODERLOSER!!!! You win me!! And so does the Guided by Bestness soundtrack, and a runtime of 73 minutes!! And after methinking about it for awhile, this whole release on every format at the same idear aint the wurstest idear I've heard that are idears!! That's reserved for the naming of Planters' testically snack!!! I mean, mos people live in shitty cities (read: anywhere outside of NYC, Rockville MD, and Huber Heights OH, America's largest community of all brick homes) and don't get a chance to see REAL movies when they're released, or at ALL, and with this bidness model, people will and can and will wheaton dot net, and at the same time as cool people like myself, Mayor Bloomberg, Andy Rooney, and Joe Torreee!!! Now Mr Blogger Come Lately&alloverhimself living in the middle of nowhere can be the next Ebert or Mr Roper!!! How-eva, the same b-model shouldn't apply to Michael Bayishtypesque films, unless we're talkin' Ocean's 13, which shouldn't been seen in theaters, but in the bottom of trashcans across America.

Possible Porno Name: Bubble Bath Boobies [NSFWness not to be confused with Bubble Bobble]

Unsatisfied with this? Netflix One Hour Photo, but NOT Death To Smoochy!

Further Fun: Visit the KFC where STAR Debbie Doebereiner once worked for 24 years and was discovered in the drive-thru window by the casting director. Editor's snot: I even called to make sure that that was indeed the KFC she ate her weight/worked at!

Why We Fight
Military Industrial Not So Complex
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Am I having déjà vu, or have I been beating off too long to Elizabeth Hasselbeck on The View, cause I've seen this movie before!! I think it was called, I watched CNN, read a newspaper, and aint haven't been living in a deep hairy cave that smells like tunafish since 9/11. DAT's RIGHT YO! Eggspcting some sorta revelation about how our gov-mint is pulling the wool over our thighs?? Well you aint gonna get it cause you already know that the bozos in power loves fake wars and guns and hate Jews and are about as trussworthy as a g-mint headed by 'Zeus' Tiny Lister!! Fahrenheit 9/11 may have been the biggest piece of shit/propaganda since any of Leni Riefenstahl's Nazi joints, but at least it was entertaining!! Why We Fight lacks focus, discipline [aud], and anything remote-lee groundbreaking!! The archival footage and the usual talking heads do juss fine, but then we get this side crap about a father of 9/11 victim and some dumb kid who joins the Army cause he's dumb, and both go more nowhere than Nowhere Man driving round a cul-de-sac in a no outlet court!! Since we can't put an end to this endless don ONslaught of comic book movies, I think we the people of the United States of NOOOOOOOO [d-lode] muss declare a jihad on left-wing documentaries that say nothing new and only preach to their choirs!!! And where the fork are all the right-winger docs? I guess its hard to get em into theaters when Jews control the media, eh?

Possible Porno Name: Why We Fist, starring Bill Frist

Unsatisfied with this? Netflix the far lake/mother superior Fog of War

Further Fun: Viddy Frank Capra's Why We Fight propaganda series
[1 - Prelude to War]
[2 - The Nazi Strike]
[3 - Divide and Conquer]
[4 - The Battle of Britain]
[5 - The Battle of Russia Part I | Part II]
[6 - The Battle of China]
[7 - War Comes to America]


Huzzah to Misty Dawn Wilkins
for yesterday you were a nobody like Dominique Wilkins
then Nederbergh plucked you
and now you are a somebody
with a nice lil body
although you had the body when you were nobody
mr boddy?
peabs' body [evs]?
lemme do the misty mountain hop on yer grand tetons
or play Misty for me, Misty
or be my Mister
or I'll be Mr Mister Master
kinda like Maj. Major Major Major from Catch-22 - Turk 182 = Threepenis opera


I juss don't know how to quit juice