Thighs Wide Shut Thighs Wide Shut

Monday, January 30

Book 'Em Dan-O/Fouts

A credible Thigh Spy, aka Deep Six-9 Thrizzile the IV, sez the following bands are 'firmed for 'hella

Not enuff for me to start bookin shiz like TV's Booker, but maybe enuff to start leavin room in my stomach for 17.8 churros, 6.8 funnel cakes, and 1937764 zillion frozen chocolate covered bananas

+ As I predicted like Notre Dame Us, The Raconteurs' (Jack White's other lover) singles have already found there ways on-line. Bless you who aint no Picasso!

+ OMforkinG to the 8th degree: Tony Kornheiser as Monday Night Football's 3rd man?!?!??!?@#!#! Kick out Theismann, bring back Dennis Miller, and let the bestness ensue!!!