Thighs Wide Shut Thighs Wide Shut

Tuesday, January 24

Barton My French
But I Still Wanna
Bang Falkor's Sister
69 Ways From Sunday
While Listening To Grandaddy's Sumday

Welcome To Yer 20s
¡Meesa Barfon!

Now stop looking like yer 30, and play more croquet!! And damn that FALKOR, for he stole our sunshine [d-lode]!!!

The 2006 Bloggies BOO-ies, starring many a boo bazzles + the underground goodness that is YCMIU, and doves course, not us!! Bitter much? M'yes, but not as bitter has dem herbs during Passover. Maybe it has sum tang to do wit being #11 search result for 'PAINT YOUR TITS.COM'???

Speaking of people who search for things like that, gay bashers who love tits (and Larry David) can finally rejoice: NSFW clips of Anne Hathaway AND Michelle Williams in Gay Cowboys: THE MOVIE, on the internets/webs!!!

Kids In The Hall, like Tony! Toni! Tone!, are doing it again! [via CRAP!]

Apple are the new Nickelback, cept they don't copy themselves [via Mod Squad]

It so sad that I was juss learning how to m-bate around the time that Willa Holland and Saaya Irie were born

More Holland cheese that isn't edam or gouda: TV Guide int + Countdown Clock on!!? I still can't bee leave people are counting down to Dakota's age of ripeness. She's like everyone's perfect kid sister, kinda like Lisa Simpson, cept a lot hottier

Sometimes I wish I had the foresight of Rosanne Cash

With Ladytron westward bound and gagged for the end of April, you can book em dano for Coachella

Droopy Dog's finally got himself some spank material!

Does the title of your book got twat it takes to be a bestseller? Lulu's Titlescorer KNOWS ALL! So who wants to publish my memoirs?

I think RANDOM House would be a good fit, eh?

What, a Walkmen Walkman wouldn'ta'been hip enuff? What if we reserved a square for it on the Hipster Bingo card? [via Leafy Greens]

Top 65 Music Videos of 2005 [via Korean Grosser]

Kazakhstanis Against Borat

The one, the only, the IFOCE video montage

Vintage Vantage's Top Shelf... what, there weren't any fat people who wore cool threads in the 70s/80s? And me donts thinks $234 clams is too much to pay when Burger Chef memories are on the line!! Yes, BURGER CHEF [beware audio]!!!

Could possib-drew-bly be better than The Man

Go-Go's Photo Gallery

Celebs sing + ads rock!

Bidders beware of fake Cliff Engle sweaters, and fake dog poop. What 'fake dog poop'?

Mozzy likes it!

I spit you not, but yesterday, a bum on the subway smelled eggzactly like a freshly opened bag of salt and vinegar chips

And to take the stink straight of outta yer mouth from this snapple of KK, HRT the V, givin us the sassy takin a dump face, Strut magazine has blessed us with this slut tazazine!!

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