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Wednesday, December 7

Yours, Mine & Ours
& Everyone We've Blown

[via Moody BOOS]

• Wees all know that 'Lisha Cuthelespurt loves the hockey puck, but to hockey fcuk? Finally, a bona fide reason to care about the NHL again, and tonsil hockey too!!! [via JJ]

Stroker Ace & The Archdukes? No mouth-watering here. Not even any hunger [d-lode] for (this) stink

Brett Ratner, I apologize for everything I've ever said about you and that friggin photobooth of yers

• Any Bob Hoskins news is good news

• And for all the Roberts and Thigh Masters out there who've been McDyin to McClutchin their McCrotchs: Martine McCutcheon, lesbian sex scenes, The English Harem. Too bad there aint no such thang as ITV1America

• 'Pova tops Russia’s rich list for athletes. So who the scrooge is #2, Nikolai Volkoff?

• Frynally, a blizogger who aint afraid to put albums you've actually heard of in their top ten of the year! I HEART YOU THE MOS JASONSHOPPE!!! + yer unearthing of that Spike Jonezes/GAP ad make me wanna dry hump u even more... although the link has been floatin 'round on many a websites, I still wanna be your dog, dawg!!!

• Ricky Martin describes the last porno he watched + other golden info [via Larry Mullins JrSr]

• Tommy Lee Jones' finally found some part-time work for his 'inventive' college roomie

Buckner and Garcia, a middle class man's Loggins & Messina

10 bones well saved

• I'm the anti-Sally Field... 'You dislike me, you really dislike me'

CC the IV SUCKS!!!

A white guy and some people formerly known as 'Orientals'

Metamorph Faces

2006 is already shaping up to be the best 2006 MT EVEREST!!!!

The power is in your hands [via Witz]

• I'm pulling for "Boom Goes the Dynamite"

• Poland's greatest contribution to the world since being the butt of many Blanche Knott jokes: this Neverending Story websizzle (and u better hit every link, cause how else u gonna find a pic of director Wolfgang Petersen semi molesting Barret Oliver?)

Guided by voices, namely Mr T's, Burt Reynolds', and Dennis Hopper's

Mint yer own Monopoly money! SO EFFIN MINT!! [via K2P]

Solving the Rubik's Cube [via Gorillam]

• For some reason I think I've posted this before, or is it juss the same wet dream I keep having every night? [via The Meat Clip/Roach Hook]


• I tolds ya, no one had more fun at my 10-year reunion than I, the mos populous kid EVER

• And which love goes the deepest (aka, to 11)... myne, for the girl with the Tom Cruise brows, or Camilla's chair fetish, or John Holmes'es'es, who was so mad deep, he could stick his unit so far thru the Ozone hole that it coulda reached Uranus!! No contest, cause my dong could reach the milky way and draw a map of Hawaii on her chest even if I was in Alpha Centauri playing Atari!! YOU SO FLY BABY THAT I GONNA TAKE ONE PICTURE OF YOU AND MAKE IT LOOK LIKE THERE ARE TWO OF YOUS!!!!! I AM REASON PHOTOSHOP INVENT!!!

Goin' Postal Script - I'm headed back to the Coat Factory, VT this Sunday for another week of syrup hotness. Anyone know of a goo sports bar where a brotha could watch that hot Skins/Cards game at 4? If so, the Al's is on me!