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Monday, December 12

You Down Wit CCCP?
Ya, You Knows Me!!

Peace the fork out Routemaster Double-Decker Buses... thanks for the five glorious months you (routes 9,10,52,70) transported my American crunked arse all over Londres (the third greatest city in the world next to NYC and Rockville, MD). Howevs, you are not the greatestist bus of alls thyme. That honor blackman belongs to Dr Teeth and the Electric Mayhem's wheels of brills

• Can't wait for the US to drink out of the World Cup!!! We may have a tough Group, but we're gonna Ado our bestest, and shittaly all over Italy, check the Czech Republicans outta their hotels earlier than planned, and give Ghana mad ria!!!

• The trailer to Sofia Coppola's Barry Lyndon [via Spencstastic]

• Blur bassist Alex James speaks of a new album, wigwams, and the evil dude from Beverly Hills Cop I

What Meg White will be re-gifting in a couple o weeks

All I Want For Christmas Is To Shove My Cock Down Your Thrizz AND this 1996 NFC Pro Bowl Royal/White #58 Jessie Tuggle Throwback Jersey

We interrrrupt this blazzle to show you this sizzle

• Moldy, but still peachy: The Big Mac Simulator (be sure to click on the button)

Who was Granny Smith?

Mario's Fantasy Women

Steven Hill's Movie Titles Screen Page

•, in a new NSFW collector's edition

The Immaculate Video Collection of Celebrity Nip Slips! [non YTMND NSFWness via DLT's comment section]

The Return of the Pimp Dog, Part Two

• I'm slowly turning into a Jew for Jesus. And here are the first five signs of this apocalypse now:
1) yesterday I broke my Christmas tree shopping hymen, by helping out my mos flavorite northern Vermonsters pick theirs
2) Aslan has replaced Popeyes as Lord
3) 'Our Gawd Is An Awesome Gawd' [d-lode] became the #1 downloaded song of all time... on my computer
4) my endless need to eat ham wrapped in pepperoni bacon with pork cheese
5) I turned my menorah into a hookah
Pinder, the reason Jesus and Thomas Edison invented boobs (real and fake)

• And since mos of you alls have no taste in movies I knows none of yous saw the bestest mos depressingist movie about an Estonian girl directed by a Swedish guy: Lilja 4-ever. But I aint here to judge, juss to pass along the from Russian with loveliness that is Oksana Akinshina aka Оксана Акиньшина aka Tetris Master of '97 aka possible HRT the XIIXCCXMMXCIL. She was only 15 at the time of filming, but she was more mature and more growns up than a Gheorghe Muresan growth poster (which I actually owned in college), + she looked like a less chunky, more communist version of Michelle Williams. Well I'm happy to report that not only has she reached a ripe age of plucking (amongst other 'ing's), and doesn't really look like Michelle Williams anymo, but is also gaining in Red Scare hotness by the минута (that's 'minute' to you effin racialist capitalist ists). Here's to you comrade Oksana. You are so calm AND rad!! Xoxoxo on yer Kremlin dildo!!

And remember, the first rule of the Oksana Fight club is...