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Friday, December 23

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Kids, I'll admit it, yer much celebrated, beloveded, and impossibly beautiful Thigh Mizzletoe aint no authority when it comes to music (I'll leave that bidness to the Gum, the Veg, the Shoppe, and all the hot em pee tres blizzles listed in the Lynx section). I'm probably the only blogger on planet Xhsfbxgfvsnej who has never even heard ONE note of Sufjan Stevens' Illinois. I'd rather bang chicks than be Lester Bangs. Instead of rockin a thIghpod, I live in an Oculas pod! Anywho, I would call my list 'Les Breastest Albums of The Year', but what the fork do I really know, I'm a movie guy who loves guys who won't quit hugging denim in closets. And thus, I giveth to you...

Les Breastest Albums
of 2005
To Hug Denim In Closets To

(Wish I Knew How To Quit You Edition)

1) t.A.T.u. - Dangerous & Moving

2) Gorillaz - Demon Days
3) The White Strpes - Get Behind Me Satan

4) Moby - Hotel
5) Kasabian - Kasabian

6) The Bees - Free The Bees1
7) Various - The Squid & The Whale Soundtrack
8) Danger Doom - The Mouse and the Mask

9) Kaiser Chiefs - Unemployment
10) Royksopp - The Understanding
11) Supergrass - Road to Rouen

12) Annie - Anniemal1
13) The Fiery Furnaces - EP
14) Fischerspooner - Odyessy

Dishonorable Mentions:
LCD Soundsystem &
The FF's Rehearsing My Choir

Concerts That Were More
Procerts Than Concerts

Duran Squared @ MSG - Apr 13
Beck @ The Hiro Ballroom - Apr 15
Moby @ Webster Hall - Apr 20
Keane @ RCMH - Jun 7
Junior Senior @ Mercury Lounge - Jun 23
Royksopp + Annie @ Webster Hall - Sept 21

Tuneses For Toonces

Get yer right mouse button flizzin on, YO!!

Annie - 'Me Plus One' [d-lode]
Archdukes - 'Eleanor Put Your Boots On' [d-lode]
'Awesome Gawd' [d-lode]
Basement Jaxx - 'Oh My Gosh' [d-lode]
Beck - 'Girl' [d-lode]
Bloc Party - 'Banquet' [d-lode]
Bloc Party vs The Streets - 'Banquet' (Remix) [d-lode]
Blursabian - 'Thers's No LSF' [d-lode]
Bravery - 'Fearless' [d-lode]
BRMC - 'Aint No Easy Way' [d-lode]
Charlotte Church - 'Call My Name' [vid]
Chemical Brothers wit Tim Burgess - [vid]
Clash Killers - 'Somebody Rock Me' [d-lode]
Coldplay - 'Speed of Sound' [d-lode]
Coral - 'Arabian Sand' [d-lode]
Danger Doom wit Cee-Lo - 'Benzie Box' [d-lode]
Dean Wareham - 'Hey You' [d-lode]
Fiery Furnaces - 'Single Again' [d-lode]
Fischerspooner - 'Cloud' [couldn't find, so d-lode 'Never Win' instead]
Gay Cowboy Theme Song [d-lode]
Gay Cowboy Theme Song Remix [d-lode]
Gorillaz - 'Dare' [d-lode]
Gorillaz - 'Feel Good Inc' [d-lode]
Junior Senior avec B-52's lizadies - 'Take My Time' [d-lode]
Kaiser Chiefs - "Everyday I Love You Less & Less' [d-lode, or give MIA's go a go]
Kayne West + Ray - 'Gold Digger' [d-lode]
Kelly Clarkson - 'Since U Been Gone' [d-lode]
Ladytron - 'Destory Everything You Touch' [d-lode]
Madonna - 'Hung Up' [d-lode]
Moby - 'Lift Me Up' [d-lode]
Moby - 'Raining Again' [d-lode]
Oasis - 'Lyla' [d-lode]
Parnell/Samberg - 'Lazy Sunday' [d-lode OR vid]
Phantom Planet - 'California 2005' [d-lode]
Royksopp - 'Only This Moment' [d-lode]
Supergrass - 'St Petersburg' [video]
t.A.T.u. - The ENTIRE Album [d-lode]
Ted Leo - 'Since U Been Gone' [d-lode]
Tom Wellington & Thigh Masta - 'Pat O'Brien Super Mega Mix' [d-lode]
TVGasm - 'Pat O'Brien vs Rosie O'Donnell' (Acappella) [d-lode]
White Stripes - 'Blue Orchid' [d-lode]
Wyrd Sisters - 'This Is The Night' [d-lode]

And although I juss heard it today, why not tro this Party Ben shaz on the yule thyme blog:

White Stripes vs. Eric B & Rakim - 'Pump Up the Doorbell' [d-lode]

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1dem shiz were released in Europe in the '04, but didn't hit our shores til the '05. Euro Trasholes!!