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Monday, December 5

Spaceballs Is The
New Nostradamus

Cause wees aint too far away from Rocky 5000

[see more snaps from the next Balboa bout | via Pakula Shaker]

• Heard the new Strokes album yet? Don't even bother and juss listen to 'Our Gawd Is An Awesome Gawd' [d-lode] over and over like I did this past weekend

The 2006 Independent Spirit Awards should be a whale of a time. Good night, and good luck to Good Night, And Good Luck

The 2006 Sundance Film Festival should be a squid of a time, with such new hotness from the likey likes of Michel Gondry, Jonathan Demme, Wim Wenders, Terry Zwigof, and Nick Cassavetes. No word if Drama or Turtle will return to romance the same woman, or to shop Romancing The Stone 3

• The mos illiest Bat Mitzvah of 5766, thus far

• From the desk of Andy Rooney: Andy Rooney's desk

John Franklin scared the living daylights outta me in Children of The Corn, and so did the design of his official website

Borat learns the ways of American Football. HI FIVE!!!

King Kong doesn't arrive in theaters til next week, but if yer mad jonesing, feel free to contact the real King Kong, or his imposter, King Kong, or eat at the King Kong restaurant in Brooklyn. Or don't, and continue to play Donkey Kong Jr Math

• Bless those intersleuthing for 'Wilson Jermaine Heredia and a-rod' and 'thigh master really work?'

The gift that keeps on blinging [via Ceffle]

• Ditka + Grabowski = CLICK NOW [via The Meat Hook]

• And while Her Royal Thighness the Colin Firth is having a case of no nipple regrets, mine eyes have shifted attention to her Pride & Prejudice sistah [soon to be reviewed, PROMISE]. No, not Pikey, but lil Kitty, played by the relatively unknown Carey Mulligan. She may not appear to be quite the Dane Looker according to these snaps (next to KK), but lemme tell you, she's got a certain gumption that makes conjunction junction function beyond function. Camilla's still the heir to the bone, but my thighs are always wide open to fresh clams. We'll keep a tab, shift, alt, and ctrl on you lil one!

Post Script - so you alls and Lou Rawls couldn't come up with a measly 78 comments? I'll hold off on the quitting flizz until the Skins win a Super Bowl (which will be in February), but I demandeth of you my fellow Thighlanders thateth you continue to write nonsensical stuff about man a$$ and the like everyday in that lil box. My shit makes you happy, your comments make me happy. Women with big tits makes everyone happy. And we all say, AMEN