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Friday, December 2

Landed Gentrified Beans

brace yerself for this one...

If I don't get 78 comments per posting from here on out, I'm quitting. While you suck on that you dick teasers and maltesers, here's some final fantasy notes, non-8-bit stizz shizz whizz flizz kizz
• QB - Ryan Fitzpatrick vs WAS, cause the Skins will be up by 10 going into the 4th, then go 3 and out, 8 times over, while Fitzy becomes the next Enola Gay, droppin mad bombs near the end of battle
• RB - DeShaun Foster vs ATL, cause his teammate He Hate Me will be too busy watching She Hate Me
• WR - Tim Dwight vs NYJ, cause sometimes even white guys are good at football
• TE - Zach Hilton vs TB, cause him and Guy Ritchie need to rope in some mo viewers for their all male version of The Simple Life
• K - TBD at SF, cause anyone brave enuff to replace the prolific/injured Neil Rackers deserves a cabinet post in the Clinton/Cuthbest admin
• D - Texans at BAL, cause yer #1 result whenith searchin for 'ravens quarterbacks' is
and now, sumtang for the liz-adies...

Until we eat meat again, stay informed [d-lode]