Thighs Wide Shut Thighs Wide Shut

Thursday, December 22

Kremlin Brulee

Bid on a used bag of Utz Chips that doubled as bag of Utz Chips in that recent movie-musical about gay people who had no money but plenty of time to sing about whiny crap like dying and Utz Chips

And although the Jews control the media, and the Chinese will rule the world by 2008, the Russians are always in a hurry to rule my heart. First there was C to the muther effin G, then Yuri Gregron's wife Valya, then Olga Korbut, then Sharapova and her balls, and as of late, tits been nuttin but leavin Gorbachev splotch marks all up on the upper 1/3rds of Оксана АКИНЬШИНА (Oksana Akinshina)

And in the '06, anything's possible, and since I have Russian blood in my blood and Russian dressing in my huge cosmonut sack, any one of these comradicals below could be sitting on my face or perched on the Reuben Droughns bone throne of me boning them in the butty with butt paste!! So keep yer thighses on theses prizes...


Наталья ВАРЛЕЙ

Александр ГАВРЮШИН

and Chicken Kiev's Rachael Ray

I know Hot Cross Puns are usually a Friday thang, but I'm travelling to the MD 2nite for Christmas (movies + Chinese food) by foot cause

so deal wit it you onion minions man marchers!!

For tomorrow, there will be sweet music in the air!!

Zubaz in '09!!