Mona Robinson,Still Bangable

Jonathan Bower, still not as bangable as Mr Belvedere‘s Wesley

• Jack Bauer is BACK, AGAIN! And this time the sunglasses are larger than ever [via K-Pax]

• YOU GO Jimmy Smits!!!

• Cool is when vintage almost meets porn!

• Dean Cameron: The Retrocrush Interview… cause where else are ya gonna found out that Patrick Dempsey was almost Chainsaw

• Fity Best Independent Flicks… and still no love for Ben Shitffleck’s 1st joint

• Damn Good

• Risk on a Google Map. Any way you play it, conquer South America 1st [via Metzger]

• [via Spencer 4 Dire Straits]

• The King of Burgers strikes again

• Glad to be someone’s ‘punto di riferimento’

• Iam Holm a Cuthbert?

• And Cuthbest, the 2nd mos bestest underrated degenerate screen gambler of our modern times, behind PSH’s Dan Mahowny? After watching about 10 minutes of it on LMN, as some pre-Skins game entertainment, and then DVRing its replay later that AM, I’d have to say m’yes, and I’m sure Uncle G-Funk would agree, as he’s the one who clued me in about this udderly jarring and realistic Canadian movie of the weak. She may lose her shirt, but alas, she doesn’t lose her shirt.

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