¿Rivers Cuómo se Dice?

Weezer’s recent output has been more run of the mill than this girl I went to elementary school with named Karla Mill, but their videos will always be worth more sweetness than a bottle of Mrs Butterworth’s. Point in case, enlisting Cuthbest (the NHL’s mos flavorite blogger [via UB]) in their latest ‘Perfect Situation’ [stream | d-lode]

btw, my album mock-up was far superior than Lake Superior

And now for yer regularly scheduled crapness…

• If only Mischa’s publicist knew how famous and influential I was

• And why bother casting Willa Holland as Mischa’s O.C. sis when her real-life microwaved face sib would suffice

• Lohag at NYU could be a bigger bomb than the Manhattan Project, or the John Lithgow HBO staple of the 80s of the same name

• I found another reason to see King Kong, besides being addicted to this Jungle Huntesque game involving Pringles canisters

• David Cronenberg’s twin gynecologists fun fest, Dead Ringers, is set to become the 2nd flick of his to be brought to the small screen (in addition to Dead Zone starring Anthony Michael Hall & Oates). Hopefully he’ll cast the Brothers Polish as the leads, and hopefully eXistenZ won’t be the third flick turned into a TV show.

• Gorillaz: We want Elmer Fudd

• A MUSS do before Dec 23rd: Netflix the BRILLS and Academy Award winning One Day In September… yul spank me for it later

• Bee gone Akeelah

• Orb.com, cause you should never be without the Howard Dean remixes and the porn stashed on yer home computer [via Kelly Green]

• Clinton Portis hearts the Zep

Yet he can’t name one of their albums

• How the Death Star Works [via UMC]

• Watching all six Star Wars movies simultaneously [via the Double Sex Boaters]

• Never too late to own a piece of history

• Is Geronimo’s skull residing at Yale’s Skull and Bones? Was it stolen from the grave by Prescott Bush?

• More or less Morley Safer, or less safe

• Don’t quit yer day job girl

• And cause you loaf to loathe her, and I’m juss plain sick of her and her sorta cow-like features, this will be the very last pic of CC the IV as HRT that u ever did see.

Let the speculation on HRT numero cinco commence. I’ll set the odds on Kate BOOOsworth, Sandra Bullocks, and the former Pepsi Girl at 1 zillion zillion to 1

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