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Monday, October 31

James Thrashed

I don't like to toss around terms like 'anally raped by fist covered in Crisco' or 'back alley abortion with wire hangers covered in Crisco', but I don't know how else to express in werds what happened to the Redskins in front of mine very own eyes at the Ghettolands yesterday. Thamks to Megbot, I had the bestest seats my ass has ever enjoyed (40 yd line, 30 rows up), but it was probably the biggest waste of my time since I voted for John Kerry in a heavily democratic state, or when I attempted to make chicken pot pie, with pot. Korny may have it write, but I'm still a believer... until they're officially eliminated from the payoff picture... which for once, may actually occur on the final week of the season.

• I've given up on my search for Wayne Fontes, so I can focus my attentions on the disappearance of Yancey Thigpen. Btw, did anyone ever see him in the same room as Tupac?

• There's boviously something rotten in the state of Denmark or in the brains of the 2 coaches who gave Oral Roberts a vote on USA Today/ESPN's pre-season Top 25 poll. I suspect Tevester Anderson and Ron 'Fang' Mitchell are the two in question, and they may also be CIA operatives. Don't blame this leak on me, just plame it on the rain.

• And in our final sportsish related topic of the day, my dearest brother-in-law, Davey "Brickhouse" MadeofBrawnsteen, finished in 5th place at the Verizon VoiceWing Battle at Union Jack's in Bethesda, MD, by wolfing down 2.5 lbs of wings in 10 minutes. Snatchurally the Black Widow took top prize, but she better watch her back for Davey poo, who'll soon climb his way up the ladder of excess. I hactually signed up for the contest myself, but since I was chosen as an alternate I decided to go to the Skins game instead. Probably the 14th wurst call of my life.

The last things I want to think about when RFK's assassination comes to mind is The Mighty Ducks, nip-slips [NSFW], and Shia LaBeouf

The Wu-Tang Clan Andy Rooney aint nuttin to f$%k wit... and although I'm sure he never rides the subway, I bet he's no fan of Dr. Zizmor

• I'll set the odds at 30 to 1 that Kanye's 'Jesus Walks' doesn't even appear in the movie Jarhead, but all bets are off on a HRT the IV and Gavin engagement

• Pilgrims are flocking by the singles to the new Mecca, Long Island's sole remaining Roy Rogers. And if this supposed resurgance fails, and the LI becomes the last remaining RR on earth, I smell a comeback for Bogdanovich in the vein of his brills The Last Picture Show. Maybe he'll get Cybil to bare breasts again [NSFW], but this time in the name of holster fries and fixin bars.

• Link I never wanted to click on, but did because I needed an eggscuse to slit my eyes out: The Very Best of Jena Malone (Schoolgirl See Thru+Nips)

• And to help ease the pain of clicking the above link, here's a pic of Double K... doing something, inside a limo, with her mouth, and sorta showing us her sorta chest...

• Free passes to I wish I knew how to quit you THE MOVIE

The Village Voice: 50 Years/50 Covers

Are there inbred families in the Ozarks/Appalachians like in Deliverance? [via Sox Hater #1]

• I was back in the VT last week, and the only thing I love more than the free cookies I gets from the DoubleTree hotel, and their fumcredible fall foliage... eating my weight in hamburgers, shakes, fries, and fried chicken at Al's French Frys has much has humanly possible. It's steadily moving up the ranks on my long retired list of 'Places To Eat B4 U Die'. Be there, or be thin!!!

And my email acct decided to erase most of the messages in my inbox, so if you entered our Supergrass Super Mark Duper contest, or if you still want to enter, all you have to do is answer the following three questions and she-male me wit yer name and address.

1) Which Supergrass song appeared on the Clueless soundtrack?
2) Who was Jek Porkins' best friend?
3) What am I wearing right now?