Thighs Wide Shut Thighs Wide Shut

Tuesday, October 4

I Drink Champagne
When I Hustle

I drink champagne with
Nipsey Russell*

Too bad Nips won't be
having any Moet in 5766

Looking to get a bit Nipsey, but don't wanna watch a brazilian hours of Gene Rayburn's scary ass face as host of the The Match Game or Nipple's brief 3 month stint as host of the shrill-fated Your Number's Up? Why not hold the 1st ever Nipsey Russell Film Festival in the privacy of yer very own living room and/or fall-out shelter, featuring such hits shits as...

Meanwhile, in non-Nipsey related nipssile nippyness...

+ We bid a semi-belated peace le fork outs to writers and wrongers August 'Mookie' Wilson AND M. Scott Peck 'ing order'

+ We send out big props to Abe Lincoln Town Car for proclaiming back on Rocktober the 3rd of the 1863rd year of your lord that Spanksgiving will be observed on the 4th Friday in November FO-REVER!

+ We wish America was Europe cause then Borat would be hosting our MTV Music Awards, and we'd be receivin' 46 and 1/8 effin BEARD and MUSTACHE RIDES, from all the world champs!! [1st via Indy RePukeagain]

+ We revel in the fact that the Redskins aren't racist, just the breastest wurstest 3-0 team mt everest and etnaiestest!

+ We are dying to own our own painting painted by Bob Ross, but perhaps one from his son Steve Ross would suffice!

+ And we needs to know if Richie Incognito is related to Guy Incognito? [via Joe E Tartar]

*borrowed genius from Chris Rock's 'Champagne' [video]