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Thursday, October 6

'The Barber'
Beouf Cake

frynally, some news of the utz mos importance...



is pronounced
SHY'-uh luh-BUHF

and literally means
'thank God for beef'
[via KTRE]

• By the gay, Mrs Beef of Whereington, Clara Peller, was not only fired for finding the beef, but JEWISH!!!

• By the gay 2, Boof from Teen Wolf is in no way related to Shia or anyone else of the LaBeouf Tang Clan

• Janet Jackson. NSFW. Non-Super Bowl related. Sorta hactually beatoffable, unlike these sweet talian hams. Click now.

• On Dec 1st, The White Stripes will boldly go where no band has performed before: The Daily Show wit Jon Stewart. Maybe they'll do something special like wear orange and purple... or talk about their upcoming Michel Gondry directed video featuring Conan O'Best (?)

• Belated but, no more $40 a lay for the former Ms Ray

• Somehow Brett Ratner will fuck this up

• Did you know that Monks Diner in Seinfeld is the same place as Tom's Diner in Suzanne Vega's world? [via the Vega]

The Flash 6-Disc DVD Box Set be coming in early '06. Don't all pre-order it at once or the world's computers may all implode. [via Pakula Shaker]

• Field Day founder/perennial loser, Andrew Dreskin finally succeeded at something... even if that something is really nothing important

Soccer Wives and Girlfriends [via Double V]

• I swear that I had nothing to do with these Hasselhoff photoshoppings from hell

Siberian City Raises Concert Costs for Gay Performers... click for the story, but stay for picture

How does scratch and sniff work?

What's up with the "Acme Company"?/Why Wile E. Coyote Will Never Catch The Road Runner

The Top Ten Classic Arcade Game Songs

What Is 88mph? + oldie What Is Cosby? [beware the AUDIO]

Ukulele Disco

Textbook examples of Moustaches, Chin & Cheek Beards, and good ole Full Beards

• Loved you some alternative Shining trailer? Then you'll surely love you some zombie West Side Story, and maybe this Titanic one, which would have been a better way to market that POOPfest. Looks like these 3 were all created by the creative folks at PS260

• And while one Charlotte Church got her shoes jacked, another CC got sentenced to the big house for 21 years for likey-ing kiddie porn. What does this have to do with the price of eggs? I dunno, but she kinda looks like Melinda Clarke/Atia in this snap, and I since need me to gets my swerve on with dem following curves on, she hath saved herself from the chopping blocks. The same can't be said of Annie Boleyn, who had to go cause she had six fingers and like ZERO boobage!