Thighs Wide Shut Thighs Wide Shut

Wednesday, September 21

A Return To Normalcy
by Warren G Hard-on

HFRT the I

wonder if the pubes
were dyed back too?

on the other hand, while ginger tatty has gone all thin and lizzy...
...the lil one has gone all Gotti, and lookin like a sweaty Adam Sandler with a wig that only hookers wear in movies

• Me and my new name Gavin agree, we're in it for the BOOOBS

• Only 10 mo days until we have a new crop of zany 'stache and 'ard snaps

• Only 4 more days until Winnie Cooper saves the world

• The US version of The Office, possibly the biggest sirprize bestness of since Baked Cheetos

• Keane the band, Keane the movie, Keane the bidness, Keane the sean, and Keane the toonist of zzzzzzz

Grambo, alive and ready to pounce on Roll Bounce

The return of the SI Cover Jinx

• #52 on the List of Things Never To Do: rape a girl in South Africa wearing a Rapex female condom-like device [via Laing Sack of Shit]

How did the tradition of giving a "key to the city" originate?

•, yer #1 result when intersleuthing for video of 'football lesbians'

• Is that really a cloud?

• When life hands you shitty QBs, make shitty QBsade. Fluke or not, Gibbs is still lord and Kornheiser's almost about ready to start up the bandwagon again.