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Thursday, September 29

Never Say Never
Medgar Evers

Lohag to push the envelope and sorta bare-all for Vanity Fair!!! Now if she really wanted to do something daring, she should have starred in Vanity Fair. Even if she did star in that movie, no one would've paid to see it

• Sharapova (HFRT the III) is engrouraging her fellow comrades to moan and roll around on grass

• Blur's next album to be Coxenless, 'really stupid and basic punk rock'. Still sounds butter than the last 3 Oasis albums

• In London this Friday with nuttin to do and 5 pounds to shed? May I recommend Junior Senior tearing shiz up at Koko

• The Muppets may have gotten their own dang stamps, but did you know that the song 'Mahna Mahna' [d-lode] wasn't theirs? Dat credit belongs to Italian film composer Piero Umiliani, who whooped up the original [d-lode] for the Swedish porn film Svezia, Inferno e Paradiso (Sweden Heaven or Hell). [many a more info and MP3s here]

Trent may be bigger than Jeebus, but pink is the old locker room

Trainspotting returns to the UK stage early next year

Keds, cut bait now!

How Coke Came to Be Kosher [via Rabbi Tobias' grandson, The Real Jonah]

How are flight numbers assigned?

Metro Art and Architecture

• Czech this out

• A wee bit old, but when is it not funny to watch a bunch a clips of George W Bush talking, with the help of Andy Dick? [via Mustard King of Cleveland]

• Der greatest Shining trailer you never did see

The Kevin F. Sherry Sweater Project

• I'll beat the first person I see using this this, with the thing that is that

• and in closing... Eeesh!
When did my beloveded CC the IV turn into fat Audrey from European Vacation? Can you say 'start packing yer (fun) bags'?